Laboratory of Fears

“Warning, gore included” “Inspired by a nightmare of mine”

That day, I remember it well; I walked deep into the forest behind my newly bought home, the afternoon was beautiful, and the wind a bit chilly, I was supposed to be back before sunset, but my plans started to fade away as I walked deeply into the sea of trees, as I walked, I noticed a few small burnings in the soil, they were man-made, then the trees started to have the same burnings too, I kept advancing into the forest, as sunlight fled from me, I kept walking, now I had to solve where did this stains came from.

Moments before sunset, I found a glade inside the woods, but not a beautiful one as the ones I saw before, this one had burned trees inside it, the grass was yellow, the soil had the smell of putrefaction in it, I walked inside it and noticed a few animal bones lying in the rotting earth, the blood in the bones was dried, and it helped the smell, to be even more disgusting, this smell, I can’t even describe it now, it has gotten far worse since I started getting deeper into this,  hellhole I should call it, a damned hellhole, this place is horrible, not even vultures and scavengers dare to only fly above this place, they avoid it completely.

This place makes me recall all the books of science and religion I’ve ever read, this place, and the awfully disgusting smell, it mixes the sulfur from hell and the most disgusting chemistry experiments ever invented, as I kept going further into the place, I noticed it went downhill, and at the end of this hill was a metal door, engraved to the soil, like some sort of long secured place, like a refuge, I walked down the hill as the sunset was trapping me and silently open the door, I almost break it since the rust from the hinges was totally accommodated in there, the place inside was a bit dark, I turned on the switch and luckily a few lights worked, enough to illuminate the room, I saw a few tables with the same stains that were outside in the wood, and hanging from the roof in my left, the skin of the carcasses from the animals that were outside, they were rotting, I kept looking around and found a cabinet, I decided to take a look inside and found a flashlight, there were no extra batteries but it had enough to let me investigate, suddenly, the door closed, and a sepulchral silence imbued the place.

I stood still for a minute as a shiver ran down my spine; a green light at the end of a spiral staircase that went even below the earth, fear got ahold of me, but I knew that if I wanted to escape this place I should go down the staircase, so I walked towards the steps and turned off my flashlight, there was a tank of glass on my right, filled with a sort of orange water, inside the water there were two bodies, which stared at me as I silently walked down the steps, in the middle of my way down, I noticed a man lying down in the floor below a giant machine, He was kind of fixing it, the lights of the ceiling were so damaged by time that they went on and off and sparks would be propelled from them, I walked past the man, trying not to alarm him, the place was all made of steel, and coldness brewed out of the walls, this horrid place; there were some desks to the sides of this room, with test tubes that had a disgustingly glowing green liquid in them, before me I found a big glass case filled with the same green which was also leaking disgustingly by the top, the drops fell on the blue ceramic tile on the floor that already had a burning mark on the top; the case was also covered with fog, so I took a chance and passed my hand through the case wiping off the fog, in the small place left clean I saw some things floating, they all turned at the same time and stared at me, they were eyes! Human eyes!

I got scared and kept walking though the place until I noticed a small old TV with a really bad phasing of images, in front of a big red seat, I got near the seat and noticed a man sitting there, watching Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, but this fellow had something strange, He wasn’t breathing, I moved in front of him only to noticed that his mouth was sewed,  and He had no eyes, flies were inside his eye sockets and a fluorescent green slime was dripping from his mouth, but his heart was still beating; I tried to move him to look for any response, since his heart kept beating heavily, when I touched him a spurt of the green slime came from his eyes, the flies kept licking the disgusting liquid as if it was Christmas’ Supper.

I kept asking myself as I walked through this place what was I thinking about coming in here, but now, I’m trapped and I have an alive man inside an a half-dead one so far, it’s not that I have much of a choice than to find an exit through this, lab.

I walked until I found what looked like the only working lamp in this place, it shone brightly on top of a desk with a big yellow book with burnt marks on it; I grabbed the book and opened it, inside, the tile was: “The Body of God”, my God, what would await for me inside this thing, I passed a couple pages and then images of body parts started to be seen, and how to sew together, which materials you need to make your own “God”, this is terribly awful, but I can’t take this book with me, it would be insane to do such thing.

From a door came out a man that was forty ages old, or so it seemed, he yelled at me “What are you doing here?!” as he crossed before me and into a blue metal door, a green glow came out from below the door and he yelled again from inside: “You chose the wrong place to make a visit!” the rambunctiousness of his odium filled screams scared me to my core, he came out of the room vomiting the green viscous liquid on the floor, he grabbed the book from the desk and threw it towards another big green glass tube, the tube exploded and the green slime came out, along with what it contained, which for my despair were human bones, femurs, ribs, spine, and skulls covered the ceramic tiles and turned the floor into a boneyard.

An alarm went off with a red beaming light; “Out with you!” screamed again the madman,  and threw a vibrant blue liquid to the floor, from it, a set of creatures without necks, with short arms and legs, big mouths, they started chasing me, I ran through a small aisle and to set of metal stairs at the top, the monsters kept chasing me, I pressed the button of “Lockdown” when I saw the exit door open and the moonlight shone through the door, the monster were illuminated by the moonlight and they started to melt, their eyes melted first, they screamed “We’re blind!” in their high-pitched voices, then their mouths fall off and their brains start melting from away, the blood splattered all over the floor as my shoes got dirty with it, the metal door started closing before me and the mad doctor stood on top of the stairs as He watched me escape, He felt sure, until I went out, and the maws of his own experiment, ate him.

As I went out to the forest again, the moon shone brightly, I came by a crystalline pond and washed my shoes, my face, and my hands, they were mostly stained with the stench of that place, but, now that I’ve escaped this place, I guess that the lockdown button which I pressed and ultimately destroyed will close that place from the eyes of humanity, for nobody, shall ever visit it, not even in their dreams.

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