Alone Again, Wonderful Word

Based on “Alone Again, Wonderful World” by Plastic Tree

I’ve gone up inside this building, inside this place, where my home should be, where I live, where I’ve been with you by my side, where we should be watching the Moon in this midday, now, I don’t have you anymore, and I don’t think that I will see you again; I can’t even sleep anymore, without you; in the beginning I thought this was a dream, but now, I’m convinced that it isn’t, that really, there’s a new distance separating us, a distance that can’t be shortened, really, I need you here, in front of our Moon, it hurts, not to see you.

Days go by and by, flying and soaring, swimming and submerging inside the broken tides of time, the good times, now shattered because of ourselves, they all stack in that park, where we said goodbye to each other.

Sadness explodes in screams, and deafens my mind and my heart, if you’d call me now, your voice would not be heard, this impertinent sadness forbids me to do so; sitting at the edge of my roof I feel the wind kissing my skin, so fragrant, so noisy, so overwhelmingly heartwarming.

Alone again in this world, in this world that I can’t trust anymore, I wander in circles, under the sky, under my midday Moon, over mi home, circumferences are drawn by my feet on this place eternally; my heart spins, turning to rainbow dust, and piercing through the wind carrying colors to the sky; I call: “Hello? Hello?” hoping that my callings reach you, through this ripped weird world.

I search for an answer to my callings to you, but in exchange I receive echoes, booming echoes between the buildings of this city, buildings in the middle of which I’ve been lost, through which the rusted wind laughs while flying between them, I want to spread my wings and fly, and make you fly up high, so you can be no more than a mere dream, only an illusion, and so, you can go far from my sadness; I fell how the tears escape from me, how they run from my eyes and dive into my cheeks, messed, outside them I know this will only be another day, another fall, but my wings will rise, and despite that this is a cruel world, I will soar above it.

I flutter around with my wings, I forget you, or I want to; how ridiculous should I look from this roof, from this place, wanting to break free, wanting to laugh, but it is the wind the one that laughs for me; in my memories, in them I found the mistakes I’ve made, but that is past, now, I’ll fly alone, in a brave new day, under my Moon, under my rainbow sky, whirling, living, in my wonderful world, in which I am happy, me, with myself.


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