A balloon, a sphere of colors that soar through the sky and delight my soul; it makes smile to see a balloon, I can’t help it, when I see one, I feel tranquil, my soul breathes, and I imagine I can rise through the sky and see the world below me through my color-filled eyes, feel the clouds kiss my face as I pass through them, feeling the peace that’s up in the firmament, instead of the chaos down on Earth; I watch the Earth going round from the sky, and miss nothing, for being up here, besides a balloon, I feel peaceful.

When I’m up here, I see the sadness in the eyes of the people down there, and I want to go down and heal them, but people don’t believe in magic anymore, they can’t see what I see from up here, they couldn’t even see it if they were beside me right now; it’s sad to know that people can’t imagine anymore when they grow up.

One day, my balloon took me to the sea, to watch the sunset, and while being there, I noticed my balloon changed its colors; suddenly it was of the colors of the sunset; all of a sudden a thousand colored balloons came from below us and I cried from happiness, it amazed me how something as a balloon could make me so happy, I felt the love emanating from the moment, I was mesmerized at the colors, my heart was dancing inside of me, filling my chest with colors, my happiness in a thousand balloons in the sunset, this moment, will be held in my heart forever.

When night comes, and I’m here besides my colorful balloon I get near the moon, and caress her with my hands, She speaks to me sometimes and gives me comfort when I’m sad; one day, a falling star passed by me, I grabbed it, I made my wish as the stardust filled my heart with happy feelings,  then I kissed the star in the cheek, the star blushed and took me and my balloon for a ride, I saw so much things, but one thing remains engraved in my heart, a rainbow, a brilliant rainbow in the middle of the night we crossed it and it filled my clothes with colors, I smiled as the colors lit up my chest and amazed me with their dances; we kept flying and returned to the moon, we had to say goodbye to the star, it kissed my cheek this time, then flew away but left something in my hands, a brilliant purple light.

We slept beside the moon that night, took shelter on her; I didn’t miss being down there, I’m happy here, with my balloon, it has taken me to so many places, and I flew with it over a lake, caressing the water with my hands, I am ever free, as everyone should be, we still crossed the sky and I still held my purple light without knowing what it is; my wish for that star hasn’t come true.

Sometimes it rained for us, but we never got sad, we knew that rain and sad moments are only passing by, and they’re worth every happy moment you can have; besides, the rain is really beautiful, it makes me appreciate the sunny and beautiful days up here, I was never happier than when I was soaring the sky with my love-colored balloon.

At one time, it started falling frozen rain, I guessed that’s what people down there called “snow” but I like to call it “raining magic”, it’s beautiful to see it fall on us, I started singing a song I heard when I was a kid and the snow and my balloon turned to a beautiful pink color and my chest danced in colors again, I guess this is what people call “love” I prefer to call it “happiness”  and I always say I’m happy, because I’m always in love, with the wind, the “raining magic”, the moon and my colored balloon.

I sometimes close my eyes up here, and I start thinking about my purple light that I hold each day, and then I realized that it is my wish and maybe it would disappear when it comes true but I kept flying with my highlighted balloon and ducking under the darkness of a cold day, getting lost inside my dreams at night, feeling the wind kiss me each day, sometimes I think this is all fiction, but I know it isn’t because I’m here, and my balloon is here and that’s all I need here; I feel the sunset each day, and watch each day the thousand balloons rise from down there and they are alone, where is the person who let it fly? Can’t they realize what does that balloon mean?  Why do they leave their dreams go away? I can’t understand people down there, why can’t they stay with their dreams? Why do they forget what they once were and wanted?

We flew over an amusement park, and got near the turning Ferris wheel it was beaming with light all over my face, I couldn’t help but to smile, my chest once more started glowing with colors everything is so beautiful flying with my balloon, people at the wheel were seeing us with very weird faces, is it so strange to still have dreams? Can’t they smile freely as I do?

One day, we were soaring and my balloon started going down, I didn’t know what was happening, I didn’t want to go down, but then we landed in the backyard of a house, then a girl came out from it, and saw me, then my purple light got away from me and flew all the way to her heart, and that old star came down again and kissed her cheek, and her chest started to glow in colors as mine did the same thing, then She ran to hug me, I was seeing everything in hue as when I crossed the rainbow, a tear ran down my cheek, because I knew what happened, I found my place up there, down here, thanks to my balloon, I am happy anywhere down here, as long as I’m with her, thanks to my colorful balloon, I met love. And my balloon never left my side, because my dreams are always with me.


One comment

  1. butimbeautiful · October 29, 2012

    I really like that idea of the balloon floating off to anywhere..

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