I asked you to accompany me for a night walk through the city, for I was tired of walking alone in the artificially lightened by a solitary light bulb every so may meters streets, you said yes, and I was at your house quickly, I longed for being with you in such a beautiful and weirdly different night.

In the park of this city there’s a hill, and this night you walked to its top with me, when we were standing in the summit we saw the illuminated metropolis in front of us; then a weird glow irradiated the sky, it rained, but it wasn’t water, they were stairs, we tried to touch them and you did it first, this stars were strangely different, when they crashed into the ground, petunias would bloom in the lush grass which was darkened by the night and lighted at the same time by the crashing stars; while stars rained above us, clouds were coming down, suddenly, I felt my feet standing on something very soft, a cloud had taken our shoes off and now we were standing on her, when it lifted off again, we fell on her, comfortably.

Sitting on the cloud we flew amongst the falling stars, and when we touched each other, our chests glow in a strange purple glow, we forgot all the pain that embraced us, only the stars, you, and me exist now.

Flying over the metropolis you looked into my eyes and said: “I love you”, I longed so much to hearing those words…

I will always remember that day, even, if the day in which we can´t be together, because to me, you will always be the one that flew with me through the fluorescent rain of stars, and I know we won’t forget each other.

While we flew through the city and looked at our faces and the buildings from up here, our faces smiled, not only because we were flying, but for being together, because our happiness always makes us fly.

Now, I write this letter, and I leave it in your room, so you always have it, and remember that I will always be, as the stars in the sky, as the flowers on the grass…


  1. howanxious · October 30, 2012

    So beautiful!

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