I went out for a walk that day, a walk through the city in which I was born, in which I have suffered, the city that my friends abandoned, in search for a better place, because they wouldn’t work to make this place, that better one; I walk in the subway, the rain had overwhelmed me and it froze me awfully.

The steam and the humidity that germinated inside this station were impending, my jacket wouldn’t dry away, it kept dripping coldness, mi sadness are not washed away by rain nor time, the grow and flourish inside me, but since that day, I understood that I can’t let such things knock on the door of my mind.

When entering the station I closed my black umbrella which dripped the water from the rain, I decided to walk in low shoes that day, bad choice, for the water wetted and cooled my feet, but in between the coldness of the day and my shaky feet, the light of the train lightened the tunnel from the subway, I was alone and nobody came down from the wagon, I continued to just be there.

While I stood with the water running down my coat I noticed a strange glow coming from between the wet tiles of the floor, and then, amidst the fume of the station, a sweet flowery scent started to float, and when I looked down to my feet, from between the tiles, started growing, gardenias, lilies and celandines.

Amongst the silence from the place the flowers grew and embraced my wet feet in colors, and I felt how the rain stopped flowing against me, how each sigh drifted away dimly, and the blue that surrounded me vanished in the ambient.

The Flowers made me feel like I was rising into the light, and at last, although alone, I smiled, and light bathed me, my eyes burned in color, and my clothes dried, my feelings lived and my heart beat again vividly.

The white celling to colors turned and flowers grew from his cracked paint, filling my sight, filling my soul.

The happiness that sprang from the cold tiles, from the flowers, and now, even from me, filled my heart, my soul and now, solitude didn´t kiss my mind, my problems, from my thought fled; now I live leaving a trail of lilies, gardenias and celandines, in each heart I meet, I drop my happiness, I teach them, to smile more, I make their hearts bloom, and flowers, flourish.

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