Before leaving home today, I looked through the window and noticed that today was is one of those beautiful days in which bluebirds fly.

When we meet, we get lost, and God laughs because he can’t see us, and He knows that we are happy running together without his look upon us; we met that day in the park, we ran and played like children, until falling on the vivid grass that covers the place with its beautifulness, under a tree, and lying on the floor, together, we looked up through the branches, the sky looked like a jigsaw puzzle from there, what words do I have to say when to make you stay with me?

The wind blows towards us, making the wind tickle my nose and making us laugh, the leaves flow towards us because of the breeze, and in the sky, bluebirds fly, and with the strong stream, and we fell like we can fly.

Amongst the light that covers the bond of love that unites us I always doubt if this will last or not, I wander from you, while those thoughts take over mi mind, I look away and you ask me: “What are you thinking about?” And I answer: “Nothing” I’ll keep being here with you, without knowing.

I stand up and I help you stand up, we walk from the tree, always walking, under this rays of the sun that lighten our way, our future, mysterious sun rays, but they illuminate our upcoming; walking with you in a place like this, it’s charming, seeing squirrels run and climb up the branches, or even run away from us, the “dangerous” humans in love.

The noises from my mind and those questions take over again, but now I make my ears deaf, and my heart guides me in each decision about you, even if my mind trembles, my heart will guide me.

Maybe when we separate we will forget each other, we may let us fall in the cold sea of forgetfulness, but I will always listen to those echoes from your voice in the past, from your laugh, and I will always be here, to reach you, and leave the oblivion, and be one again with you.

We go back to our tree, and we sit below its shadow, looking again to the puzzle the firmament is; rain falls in this sunlit day, a small rain, while I look up, I fell I fall into the sky.

And maybe I will never understand why when your hand is in my hand, I feel so far from you, these thoughts, that pull me farther from you, even when you’re by my side, I abandon them, I leave them, to have you always near me, even when you are distant, because my heart, my laugh, are found in you.

Before leaving home today, I looked through the window and noticed that today was is one of those beautiful days in which bluebirds fly.

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