Bluer Than Indigo

In my garden, clovers grow, they grow everywhere, and I count every day I pass searching for my four leaf clover as a lost day, looking for my luck; a bit more of time far away from you and this will be over, we should try to make some good memories, right? That’s what I’ve been thinking, even though this world is kind of unreliable.

When I met you, the blue from my gaze vanished for months, and I only thought about one thing, about you; about you, about me, about what we would have between our hearts in the future, in the color that dyed our spirits, and I even considered that a red thread had sewn our souls together; I hope that all that I felt won’t disappear, I want to color everything with you again.

In despite from what I want, I despite of all of it, I see our hearts filling in blue, blood starts getting colder and we look for smiles to replace our tears, with no success; no you only live in this indigo moment, as always, you live only in the present, it is impossible for you to see how our hearts laughed and were happy not so long ago, you can only see the sky turning from blue to twilight, to a sadness tone.

We ran amongst roses, we kissed amongst roses, we got closer and we hugged each other amongst them, and amongst them, we lost our sense of time; there is only one thing left to do, a thing that can’t be done by angels, doing something so we do not lose everything, doing something so those moments remain, or even, so we can remain, if it must be like that, everything will be easier, even drawing a smile will be, even though I am laughing now.

Without wanting to wake up today, remembering and dreaming, about those moments, those hugs, those kisses, those laughs we had even in the most colorless situations, about that support given, those drawings, and those moments shared that are in black and white now, about those saved messages which now are lost; come, even if you don’t realize it, or you don’t understand what’s happening right now, let’s go, don’t be afraid of this impending darkness, don’t run, if you want, you can grab the paintbrush from my hand, we can colour everything back.

Time without meeting each other should have given strength to what in the beginning tied our hearts, but if we’ve let this weaken, I haven’t wanted so, but nevertheless, in this moment I keep smiling, because I haven’t lost my reasons to keep colouring. If this has to end, let it be, just how everything happened in the beginning, let’s not mess the status quo, let’s not push destiny to mask itself, I haven’t cried, and I won’t, I simply laugh, because everything I did for you wasn’t appreciated, or it seems like that now, and if you didn’t appreciate it, there will be someone that does, and that, makes me smile.


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