Island Of Dreams

One day, as I drifted away from my mind, I sat in the park below a big oak tree, just lying there, soaring the blue sky in my mind and swimming inside the clear water of the sea that I could see sitting in this small hill, I hadn’t been so happy until I met her, but I came to this tree to relax a bit, for she had gone to take a nap, in this afternoon I sat, I dreamed, and soared; it is spring here, I don’t like it that much, but it makes me smile to see the flowers, and it makes me smile even more being with her.

As I laid here, a glittering light came near me, I was amazed at its colors my face lit up and my smile was amazing, then I extended my arm and when I touched it, it glowed even stronger, I smiled even more, the light got beneath me and lifted me through the air, it carried me over the pure water of the sea and below the beautiful blue sky, as we flew and flew over everything , I saw in the middle of the sea a big glittering light, the light carried me near it.

When I got near the light, I noticed it was an island, a shimmering island, the light started to fade and I put my feet which were bare now,  in the sparkling sand of the shore, I felt the warmth come from the island, I felt as I was with her in that moment, I walked around the shore as the water reached my feet and soaked them, the island was beautiful, and a rainbow was up in the sky; I stepped aside from the water and walked inside the small jungle in the center of the island.

After I got through the jungle I walked into a glade, a beautiful one, with a small pond and small cascades of water falling into it, the foam of the water soaked my face as I got near the pond; yellow and blue birds flew from side to side of the glade, singing a unique tune, beautiful music in this place, a magical feeling; the water was so clear I could see the fishes swimming below the pond suck on my feet, it was funny to see them while I sit here, being bathed by the rays of the sun in this glade, I closed my eyes, looked up and wished to see her.

I stayed in the glade for a moment, sitting with my feet inside the pond, feeling the foam kiss my face and seeing the rainbow in the sky making me smile,; I stood up and walked around the jungle, until I found a stone staircase, I walked on it and started going upward,  the staircase surrounded a rock, and the jungle surrounded the rock, so I couldn’t see where was I, after a few minutes, I reached the top of the rock, and when I looked around the whole glittering island was around me, I could look everywhere, to the shoreline, to the sea, the rainbow in the sky; I walked to the edge of the rock and when I got near it a flock of butterflies flew to me, they were all so colorful, purple, red, green, rainbow colored and even some were glittering, I stood amazed as the butterflies flew all around me, I couldn’t help but to smile and let a teardrop fall from my happiness; when the butterflies left me I stood in the same spot, speechless as I witnessed the butterflies fly free.

A shining was making me blind, I thought it was the Sun, but when I looked at my chest, I noticed that the shining came from inside me, from my heart, I sat down on the rock and kept watching around, the wind was blowing and it messed up my hair but it made me smile, to be here, to be in this glittering piece of peace in the middle of the sea.

As I was sitting, just breathing my afternoon away, on this rock, watching the island being peaceful, a thousand balloons appeared from within the island, glittering, flying, colored thousand balloons, making me smile and dream; a thousand colored balloons surrounding me, that moment is locked in my heart, that special moment in this glittering island I found; the balloons made me smile, I sometimes wish people saw what I could see in a balloon, their peace, the dreams that they carry.

When I stood up again, the wind glittered and kissed my cheek; the sunset came, and I was still standing on that rock, feeling the warmth of the sun light up my spirit, as the sun hid, snow fell in the island, the balloons could not be seen anymore, but their love could be felt; a firefly was beside me as the snow fell, it whispered to my ear: “What world do you dream of?” to which I answered: “I don’t think I can fit in any world”, this time, the firefly replied: “Oh, believe, you fit in one world.” , then the firefly flew down the staircase which was covered in snow, and I followed it.

I ran following the firefly through the jungle, and it carried me to the shore, then it disappeared into the night; I looked around the shoreline and to my left I saw a glittering light, I ran to it, and as I got near it I looked, and it was her, I just hugged her, and she kissed me, then we fell on the snow-covered sand and sat down, together; as our chests glowed in shimmering lights; the firefly returned to me and whispered one last time: “See? You can fit in one world, hers.”


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