When I left home to come to this place I wasn’t afraid, I grew tired of walking amongst the gray streets, I took money to buy a ticket to somewhere, most people would think it was insane, to Tokyo, , many called me fool, but I feel my destiny, there, I feel fluttering inside me a sweet melody in my chest, and me, mumbling all those stories from my city while on the plane, it will be a long trip, but it will be worth to not walk through my streets and watch the people with weary faces looking to an untrue future.

I arrive and come down from my plane, I go out of the airport with my bag on my back and a camera to take a picture of my crossing is hanging from my neck, I find a taxi and ask the driver to take me to the downtown, the sun is setting, although I can already see the brilliant Moon already in the sky; when we arrived at downtown the night dressed the city and I walked through its colored streets while the moon danced between the buildings.

I walk while taking pictures from the metropolis, and I feel how the homesickness took over me suddenly, I stop and think if this is correct, but the thought abandons me, I don’t think that I’m too missed back home; I watch how the neon lights of the propaganda illuminate my hands in dancing colors, a flashback from my home comes to my mind, dancing joyfully, I remember watching the fireworks by myself at the pier in New Years’ Eve, a lonely scene, but a happy scene for someone like me.

Time goes by and the lights from the city keep lighting my way, but they fail when they try to find the euphoria that I’m looking for, I walk every night enjoying the people, smiling that I’m here; I whisper a melody that my heart buzzed while on the plane, the melody that reminds me of my home, a place I seldom miss, but I don’t miss the constant greyscale around of me.

A montage of pictures flows in me when I take tone of the boats that gives you a ride by the bay of the city, the images from the colored lights and smiles and the sadness of the inhabitants of the place, the psychedelic lights coming from the horizon reflects in my eyes and fogs them, a tear runs down my cheek, missing my home, and loving this place, I take a picture, my inner world shakes, but I unplug it for a moment from my mind, so that my heart can reign in this moment,  and so that he lets me enjoy the moon reflected on the surface of the water, and the colors that lighten up my impressed face.

A few weeks have passed in my Tokyo, the far away Tokyo, the beautiful Tokyo, they say that today a luminous act exhibits itself in the bay,  I hang my camera from my neck and my back from my shoulders and go out walking to the pier, when I arrive, I sit on the wood of the dock and let my feet get touched by the waves that caress them, by my side, a girl with long black hair sits, she greeted met, we started talking and she explained to me that this night is special  here, that today the stars get noticed, when I stare into the bay again, I notice the stars have formed a galaxy in it, a bubble made of stars, a space in the firmament, from the water beams of light rise and light swims through the stars, reflecting the white light on my face and on my eyes, I feel connected with my home, with my past, I take more pictures and the light of arrival goes on, the light of arrival to my home, to the place I wanted to leave, but the place I love, the one nobody must stop loving, and I now understand that, home is where the love is, not where bricks are put one on top of each other perfectly.


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  1. sjophotography · October 31, 2012

    Stunning text and photograph. Pleasure to read. Thank you

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