The Nameless World (fragment)

How did magic appear here?

Eons ago, there was a young man named Uth; he had eyes as dark as night, equally darkened hair and tied with a ponytail to the back of his head, thin and not that tall; raised in the city of Arges, the main city of that part of the continent, ornamented with gardens wherever you looked, squares with fountains, perfectly bricked roads and the Library of Arges, definitely, a unique city; His family wasn’t something very special, their fathers owned the bookstore of the city, so he spent countless days amongst books, amongst stories written on papyri and parchments, reading stories about wizards and warriors, of thieves, of princesses, of from the rest of the world, he walked through the aisles of the place several times a day in search of a book that would fill his imagination.

From reading and re-reading stories of wizards and warriors – his favorites – one day, he wanted to be a wizard, something that didn’t exist, something that was fantasy in this world, but he never gave up; and with Rimoru, his best friend; a guy a bit more fat than him, tall, blond, with long and wavy hair, loose, with green eyes like a forest in spring and ears maybe a bit too pointy; the two joined and forged their own staffs, staves like mages are supposed to use, Uth’s cane was white, with a steel tip in its lower end, and a green crystal sphere in its top, he named it “Radiance”; Rimoru’s rod was grey, with another steel tip at its end and a sphere of yellow crystal on its top, he called it “Storm”; and since that day, those staves has accompanied him, and never got away from them.

But they lacked one thing magicians need, magic; with the help of each other, in the Library, they found an old dusty book in one of the forgotten parts of it, it was called “The Runic Plains”, they discovered that there was a different and strange place in a barely explored part of the world, and in the book there was noted that if magic existed, it was in that place; they told their families that they would leave in the search of it, they told them that they were insane and told them to let go of childish games, that magic is a thing for writers and naïve children; then, together the planned that in the coming dawn they would get far from the city and that they would go to the Plains together. And against the will of their parents and looking for their dreams – like all of us should do – in the dawn of the next day, and as Rimoru had fallen asleep, Uth went far from Arges, with his Radiance in hand when he was nineteen years old, striving for his dream, to be a wizard.

He walked South, to the Runic Plains, no one ever went alone to the Runic Plains, but the young one had bravery in his heart and a voice that echoed in his mind, something called him from there; after two moons passed he arrived the entrance of the Plains, he stood from a hill before them, holding Radiance as always, witnessing the green grass, the pillars covered in grass pointing to the sky, the runes that drew an otherworldly sketch in the land, dozens of circles, squares, and lines among other forms were in the place, to the other side of the valley there was an imposing mountain, there were trees isolated amongst the place, Uth couldn’t take his view off of  that place, its beauty bathed his sight and made him smile.

He then took a deep breath and crossed the stone portal that welcomed him to the Plains, he started walking downhill as a fresh wind crossed his straight long black hair, as he walked deeply into the plains, he noticed that the stone pillars had a hole in its upper part and were all covered by runes as he kept walking the holes started glowing in a green light and the wind blew even harder, the clouds assembled around the plains leaving an glade that did not cover them, when Uth set his left foot in the center of the moss-covered runes the earth shook and the stone pillars glowed even stronger and united themselves through eight beams of green light, the wind was blowing mildly now, Uth got his right foot inside and the wind blew harder again, and now a big beam of white light came down from the eye that the clouds had made in the sky, the beam bathed Uth completely with its shine and the moss of the runes left them in peace, now everything was of stone, a flock of Veinwings – Exceptional birds, of great size, mottled in brown and gray, like stones, they have one of the sweetest chants – soared over the valley as they sang a beautiful tune which made the energy of the runes in the floor appear and they shone in the same green as the pillars did, then, when the runes and the pillars were synchronized, Uth started floating, as he dropped his staff, he tried to escape but it was useless, he couldn’t change this, for it was his fate, he elevated to the height of the holes of the pillars, all that energy flowed into him, the earth kept shaking and the Veinwings kept soaring and singing, after a few moments, the sky closed up, and a lightning came down from it, hitting Uth, giving him the last drop of energy he needed, and sending him back to the floor, leaving him unconscious.

As he awoke, he was lying in grass again, his staff wasn’t far from him, and it seemed like nothing happened, the pillars were still covered in grass, the runes were full of moss, he thought it was all a dream, and that he had fallen asleep in the beauty of the place, as he tried to move, it was difficult at first, his chest was hurting badly and he couldn’t get up, but after a few tries he reached for his staff and got up at last, as he whined he opened his tunic and looked at his chest, it had runes all over it, green runes, as the ones he just saw, they shined strongly so he covered his chest with a piece of fabric he had in his bag and went uphill, and sat there, watching again the Plains, not knowing what had exactly happened minutes before.

As he stepped out of the plains he grabbed his staff once again, when it touched the floor, It glowed in green, and it made Uth’s fingers glow in green too, he kept walking nevertheless and as he advanced he sensed that someone was following him, but he went on, then when he left the forest that was before the Plains, he noticed that a bush was moving, he took out his staff, and even though his chest was hurting him enough not to fight, he wielded it:

–       Who’s there? – Asked Uth while wielding Radiance – Come out!

Suddenly, from the bush, someone jumped against him and pushed Uth:

–       Who the hell are you?! – Yelled Uth while pushing the man to the ground and then pointed at him with the tip of his staff –… Rimoru? Is that you?!

–       Yes, Uth – Said Rimoru as he was helped by Uth to get up and laughed naively –

–       Why did you follow me hiding? – asked Rimoru laughing –

–       Because you left me – said Rimoru looking let down, but smiling as always – and you must not leave your home without his friend.

–       That’s right old friend – Said Uth as he as he smiled and hit his head with the palm of his hand – so, shall we come back home now?

–       Yes! – Then he frowned and asked – But first, what happened in the Plains?

–       Ah, well, let’s go for a drink then at the Crossroad of Tharisia in and I’ll explain you.

As they entered the Inn, everyone looked at them – who wouldn’t look at two young mans with long hair, robes, one with a white a staff and the other one with a gray one? – they looked for a table and sat down, the Innkeeper looked at them too, but as an Innkeeper they are accustomed to see some weird guys, monsters and even drunkards, the Inn was really cozy, with some pirates sitting in one table because the Port of Tharisia is close from this Crossroad, some drunken persons far, and two long-haired young mans in one table, they both asked for they favorite beverage: a Blue-Port Dazzler – A beverage made of blue cervenas. A fruit that only grows in the Island of Cervens in the sea of Gummia to the East, a blue fruit so delicious your mind gets hypnotized with its sweetness and fizziness – The Inn had a chimney in the right, soft bubble fires hanging from the ceiling and a comfy sofa near the chimney, the second floor seemed to be the floor for the rooms, it had small windows and boats and weapons hanging from the walls, oh, and I almost forgot the bard that was there, singing his songs from wizards and warriors tales for two pieces of silver.

Uth looked Rimoru in the eyes and started telling him what happened in the Runic Plains before, at the end, Rimoru had drank three Blue-Ports, he was amazed of what happened:

–       And you think that those runes in your chest are something? – Said Rimoru as he started his fourth glass –

–       Of course they are something! – Said Uth with a strong voice – But how do I find what it is?

–       You know, amongst the books of your Library, I read of a man called the Runereader, he could read those in your chest. – Said Romoru looking to the sides –

–       Do you where he is? Can we see him? – asked Uth while drinking more Dazzler –

–       In the book it says that he lives in the forest that surrounds the Runic Plains, we’ll have to search for him – A pirate  with a long beard, dazzling yellow eyes  and a wretched smile who seemed a little tipsy from the rum got near them and started talking

–       Guys! I’m sorry to come on in into your business – the pirate laughed – …hic! But if you’re looking for the Runereader… – the pirate hit his head on the table being left unconscious –

–       Hey! – yelled Uth grabbing the head of the pirate and shaking it a bit –

–       – The pirate came back on its senses and blinked his eyes a few times – Where was I? Ah! Right! It is rumored that he is in the forest before the Plains…hic! Follow the runes marked on the trees and you will find his home – he babbled a bit – only the Rune-marked can…hic! Open the doors to his place and be aware, because only there you will…hic! Know what you must do…hic! If you let me, I want to drink my rum, good luck guys! – He grabbed the bottle and put his in his mouth and drkined everything that was left while leavin the table – He then tripped over a table, broke the bottle and was left unconscious on the floor –

–       Well, you heard him, right Uth? – asked Rimoru while Uth stared at the pirate – Hey! Don’t stare at him!

–       What? – Uth looked at Rimoru again and asked – he was kind of drunk, right? – Uth laughed –

–       – Rimoru let go a big laugh – Just a bit! I think that would be the best, a long day awaits us tomorrow, friend.

Then they walked to the Innkeeper and asked for a room, when they got the key they went upstairs and found the room number nine, Rimoru opened the door to witness a small room with two beds, a big window and a small oil lamp, Uth turned off the light and laid on the bed, he fell asleep quickly.

When the first moon was almost at the end of its cycle, they heard some noises in the hallway of the second floor, Uth woke up Rimoru silently and told him to be silent as he crouched and reached for the staffs; he gave Storm to Rimoru and wielded his Radiance, then a glass broke outside the room and they heard the Innkeeper call for help, Uth opened the door slowly and with Rimoru watching his back they both went downstairs to watch the Innkeeper getting cut with a sword wielded by a man dressed in red:

–       Hey! – Said the man as he cleaned the Innkeeper’s blood from the sword – Get them!!

Then a horde of red-dressed men appeared from nowhere, Uth’s hands started glowing in green again and involuntarily he extended his arm forward and an expansive wave shook the men knocking them to the floor, then Uth ran and with his hands he touched the chest of the Innkeeper, healing him but leaving him to sleep.

When the men recovered from the shock they stood up and yelled at the same time:

–       Get them!

They started chasing Uth and Rimoru upstairs but they ran to their room and locked the door:

–       Now what Uth?! We’re trapped! – Yelled Rimoru as the men started breaking the door –

–       The window! Let’s jump through it!

–       And then what!? – Rimoru was desperate – What?!

–       We run to the forest and hope to lose them there, go! – after that Uth grabbed Rimoru and ran towards the window, they broke through it and landed outside the Inn –

They were a little dizzy but managed to pick their staffs up and start running towards the forest, they could hear the men yelling and running towards them, they kept running swiftly and then got inside the forest, they ran through the trees even though they could hear the men coming behind them, they crossed a small creek as the men fired a lot of arrows at them and kept yelling; at one point Uth and Rimoru stood before a mighty rune-marked stone, Uth’s chest started glowing and the stone did the same, then the door started to open as it glowed even harder, Rimoru and Uth rushed in, but one of the men fired an arrow and it hit Uth in the back, luckily the door closed when Uth landed to the floor, Rimoru then picked Uth up, and then looked forward, a beautiful place stood before him, a small pond with fishes, the moon illuminating the place, fireflies flying everywhere and a stone path that lead to a small house at the back of the glade.

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