While being in my white bedroom I sit on my green bed, I take my blue guitar and play purple notes, notes that dance to the beat of my heart, to the beat of my feelings for you, to the unequal beat of a passionate kiss done by us, all of them dance, everything vibrates, my singing voice, I finally learned the song.

I escaped with my guitar in my hands, escaped this time, escaped the cruel energies, scape of the deceptions of the walk of life, I rise without my guitar, I am wrapped in an army of stars with the brightest armors, and I feel more than ever away from you, I see you on the other side of this universe, and trying to reach you, I dissipate. The intense gravity becomes dim, now I go down, down between cries and tears, slowed between these stars.

Waking in Winter I sit, sitting in the snow in the park where we met, I find Spring flowers blooming in winter, blooming in the snow, with the sweetest smell I’ve ever met, which makes me sneeze that way you it makes you smile.

At dusk, the night begins to fall, the sky begins to be dyed in indigo, my stars begin to shine again, the lights start to shin in the park, the wind blows, moves the swings in his swinging creak, lights try to light my way, try turning off the dark, but the moon is the one that lights me, and sees through my steel lies like they are made of glass, it discovers me, as I feel the look of  every star above me, we all should have peace, Is it so hard to get? The moon illuminates the path to a place, and there it is, the light of the Satellite, illuminating a lone bench I was looking for.

I light a cigarette sitting on the bench, my nerves go haywire, swings creak, as if nothing made sense, even I heard the last bus of the day going behind me, the cold wind turned off my cigarette and sent it flying, I do not need it, I hear an “Abracadabra” in the distance, the lights of the city are turned off, the Milky Way turns on me, so many things, a magician appears before me, it smiles and touches my head with black and white wand, sparks fly through the sky in front of me, I smile again, I feel the cold wind penetrate my bones, the magician gives me his hand, we went through the bikes parked as we walk under the stars, the swings are still doing their annoying sound.

We came to the window of your house, cleaned the steam from it and saw you in your room; you look sad, desperate, as if you needed anything harmful from the world to spend this episode, the magician says, “Are you not going to do anything? Look at your back “, I turn and I see that I have sprouted wings, “Am I an angel?” I said, “Her angel.” He answered me, he made me go through your door, it makes me shine like never before, I extend my hand, and you take it in tears, I kiss your cheek, I make you shine.

Now we are two flying on a cloud, using a heart, it would be a waste if it was a one-half heart, if we get lost, Should we go home? At the end of the day we are together, together flying over the snow-covered park with spring flowers in winter, above the stars, above the world, above the moon that decrypts my lies with his eyes.

As we approach the moon she smiles, and shines and wanes, she blots out my sins from my consciousness, my soul rests, I am forgiven, the stars fall as if they vandalize, they all fall on us and touch us, when they touch us, they are reborn, as I hold you the sky shines and lives, the Milky Way above us waits, kissing our feelings, when I awake in the morning, I must not forget these things, the world trembles, the world is shaken, now your light is brighter, the stars, the sky, the snow, the swings the bench, the bus, the window, the magician’s wand, us, my wings, your tears, your light, my light, this dream, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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