Ah, the morning lights up, light cuts the darkness of my bedroom again, with its permanent routine, ah, time stands still in my yellow bedroom, I sit on the bed and squeeze my eyes, the blinds inhibit the sun to shine as it should, ah, I realize that Heaven has a bottom, and that I may be under it, at the end of the end.

I am filled with emptiness and empty of fullness, I feel lighter, with a heavy day on my shoulders, unfinished rhythms and the uninterrupted breaths of my sleep go away from me, light illuminates me, the outside shines confusedly.

The shadows that pass through the light of my window I say that there is existence in the newborn day, but what has been spent is actually my existence.

I am thinking of going to look for you, walking in the daylight of the living today, talking to you again, see us at our river, see you there with the wind, with your feet in the water, next to mine.

Ah, walking down the gravel bed of the river quietly, having clarified our problem, after washing our hearts with a passionate kiss, how complicated love is, and what entanglement is a feeling that only has a four-letter name.

Walking through the park in autumn, your hair blowing in the wind and the leaves become entangled in it, we have already arranged everything, you smile back at me, and I to you, I kiss you as we walk, I kiss you while the wind walks against us; we walk holding hands under the orange, red and yellow plugged to the trees, and these colors fall on the ground weaving a carpet.

I look at you, look at me, we come to the fountain, to the fountain where we met, the wind sits down to rest with us, we embrace us and look as the day draws to an end, as the sun sets behind the buildings, looking at me again, the wind blows and my heart trembles, we kissed, ah, and everything is good again as everything has returned, and we have returned to what we should be.

The moon rises over us and illuminates our bodies sitting, your skin glows next to mine, our hearts are excited again, as if we had become known for the first time again, oh, how I’ve missed this.

I think of all this, I feel all this, the day has been the best … I lie down at the end of the day back in my yellow room, and remember that the sun is shining, and I remember, I have not gotten out of bed today.

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