It starts to dusk in the city, among the crowded people in dark suits, between the gray buildings, climate walks loaded with tears, but it lets me see the crimson sky in which he finds himself, I begin to whistle to distract me and feel that I’m still me, and not another human programmed in this city, I seek a place to feel at home in the street, where the tireless shadows of people do not disturb my eyes or my thoughts, but I realize that is not achieved between the robotic city, and my tears start falling, in this little excited moment.


I start walking towards the harbor, singing a song to cheer up, a song that is like a useless spell, a song I try to match to the rhythm of the waves, though looking back to myself, my feelings are deserted; they are at the bottom of the water, why I have always been afraid to be myself?

I sit on the dock, I take off my shoes, put my feet in the clear water, watching the red sunset, the evening of this city makes me mourn, red sunset on a Sunday, makes me laugh, the sun, makes me shine.


I close my eyes and raise my head, looking at the orange sky, looking at the sky, watching the clouds of purple velvet, I close my eyes again, I fly, I soar, I stretch my arms and fly over the sea, only me, as I am, my wings flutter in this dream, I cross the dark and feel like I could ride the wind, I go to the future, the future, the wind takes me there.


I get up of the dock, I wear my sandals and walk to the beach, the solitary silvery sand, with traces of walkers like me, I try to think of all that I have solved in my life, but I am overwhelmed and I stop, I cannot walk by the weight, but I try, even if I take one step at a time, life is a parade, and although no one parades with you, you must keep marching.


My eyes framed the photograph of this moment, framing the reality, I hear a merciful sentence in the wind, which breaks the flat sand and lets me walk again, the wind takes me.


I close my eyes again to fly, I extend my arms and I rise, I hide in the darkness that surrounds my firmament, I cross my dream and I arrive on the beach at sunset, the sun dyed my wings with its palette of warm colors and my future is projected, only my future, and I know that if I open the sincerity of my eyes, your sadness of today would be able to erase.


I climb and climb, and I rise I rise, I see a UFO, a UFO shining on me this evening, it looks at me and tries to get away, tries to take me back to earth, I cling to it, the UFO turns around in this fiction, I was launched into the sea; I continued flying and turning, until I landed on the grass somewhere.


I open my eyes, my wings are fine, the green grass and scarlet ladybugs flutter, I find myself surrounded by willows, surrounded by leafy willows, a fountain, a fish, a bird, I close my eyes and breathe deeply again, I notice that my willow forest is a forest of balloons, colorful balloons, I cling to one of them, I cling to the thread that ties its freedom, I rise in the orange sky, from my pores, my skin, bloom colorful butterflies, blue, purple, red, orange, hovering over me.


A shooting star flies in this evening, passing in front of me, I cling to her hair, it takes me, elevate me, and I hang in the waning moon that begins to be born today, I feel I should stay here, I stand at the edge Moon, I stand in its silver body, I look down, I see the crystal clear sea, I am calmed, I took a deep breath and dived down from the moon to the sea, while dropping my wings glow in  blue, my heart glows in purple and my mind glows in white , what a freedom.


In the clear water, I can breathe, I can live, I meet a coral resting on the bottom of the water, a beautiful colored coral, I approach him, and brightness intensifies my chest and I touched him, multicolored fish grow, they wrap me, they rub me with his fins, my hair is soaked, the fishes push me and take me to the edge of an silvery island.


Sitting in the sand, still dusk, the sky is orange fireflies visit me while I sit and dry off in the sun, snow falls on me, on the island snows, it snows in the evening, and the willows forest remaining behind me, from the trees, come flying colorful jellyfishes, jellyfishes glowing colors vividly.


Among the trees come marching, dogs, owls, herons and fish go flying, all parading before me, I get up, the dog shakes my hand, it smiles, we found a road and I marched with them, I feel melancholy leaving me, I feel like animals invite me to live again, I feel I can fly again, I hug the animals and  would hug me, I promise to return, the outlook calls me, I find peace here, in this world I want to be, the Universe of stars lives above us, I see the gray city across the sea, I see the atmosphere lighten up, I see you coming from the other side of the beach, you come from my same city, the gray and sad reality, come, let’s say goodbye to reality.

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